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The Power of Prevention

Fight against animal cruelty alongside the Tactical Team For The Protection of Animals (All Animals T.T.P.A.) in Reno, Nevada.
Apart from presenting animal abuse facts, we encourage people to take a stand for animal rights.

Raising Animal Welfare Awareness

As police officers, we are committed to being proactive in dealing with animal abuse. Educating students under the K-12 curriculum in our schools is our main priority. Much like other studies, our program offers a crucial aspect of learning for every student.

Education during Formative Years

We believe that reaching out to children when they are young is effective in instilling values. They will learn that all animals are sentient beings that deserve kindness, care, and love. We will show them what it takes to provide proper care for their pets, as negligence can lead to animal abuse. It is important that animals should never be without:

Food – Water – Shelter – Veterinary Care

We will teach the students that it is important to spay or neuter their pets so that they do not have unwanted litters that cannot get good and caring homes, because if their family does not spay or neuter their pets they can and most always end up at the shelters were they may have a hard time placing these beautiful animals through no fault of theirs/ leaving the end result of euthanasia/ and it can be considered animal cruelty if they lose their life due to not being spayed or neutered and they brought more litters into the world who could not be placed into homes. So please spay or neuter.

Turn to the Authorities

Students will also be taught to never turn their back on an animal that is being abused. They must speak up and report individuals involved in any illegal act towards animals, regardless if it is their friend, parent, or a stranger. Should it happen in their own home, at the park, or wherever, we will instruct them on who to call and how to get an animal to safety.

Damage Runs Deep

Bullying an innocent animal is no different from bullying a friend or a stranger. We will emphasize the fact that animals have feelings — just like us. When treated with respect and affection, they can feel happiness. When abused or harmed, however, they can feel sadness and pain. This ultimately leads to psychological illness and instability, which causes any animal to bite, scratch, or run away.

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Database Registry

T.T.P.A. is working towards the goal of developing a registry to track animal abusers. This database will prevent those who have been convicted of animal abuse from obtaining more animals from pet shops and animal shelters. T.T.P.A. will work with the Nevada State Legislature during the next session, in 2017, to have a bill passed to make this a reality.