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Stop animal abuse and support our newly established animal welfare program.

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Here at Tactical Team For The Protection of Animals (All Animals T.T.P.A.), we make it our mission to prevent animal cruelty at all costs. By imparting animal abuse facts and shedding light on the long-term effects abuse has on these creatures, we can work towards building an animal-friendly society.

About Us

Recently launched in Reno, Nevada, Tactical Team For The Protection of Animals (All Animals T.T.P.A.) is an animal welfare group that aims to stop animal abuse. Our director, Karen Jacobs, and the rest of the team have a combined experience of more than 20 years. We are all trained professionals dedicated to protecting the lives of animals. Given our background as police officers, we are highly knowledgeable about cases and instances of animal cruelty. As far as future plans go, we are building a different website to track animal abusers’ information.

As this curriculum is costly to teach to K-12 students in our area, we earnestly appeal to you to make a donation. Any financial assistance you can extend will help us with the expenses required to make this program a success. Please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible for more details on how to donate.

Earth: It's Not Just for Man—Animals Must Be Able to Live Here Too—with Kindness Shown to Them

Mission Statement

It will be our mission to teach students that they must treat all animals with kindness, respect, and love.

That animals are just as important on this beautiful earth that we share, and that we need to make sure every basic need is met for all animals, especially our pets, and all farm animals.

We hope by teaching students ANIMAL ABUSE PREVENTION that they can pass this on to future generations.

Join in the fight for animal rights and animal abuse facts through our educational animal welfare program TTPA. 
Call us now at (775) 502-8052 in Reno, NV, for inquiries.